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When you woke up today, you probably made a “To Do List” that looked something like this:

1. Have coffee

2. Buy a birthday present for that really close friend whose birthday was like four months ago

3. Visit author Peter Scott’s website to learn more about his books

buy booksI’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on the coffee which means – huzzah! – you’re now two for three! As for your really close friend’s birthday present, well, that can totally wait until next week, right?

There's a Spouse in My House cover

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Before you get married, no one ever tells you that a happy union isn’t just about’s also about knowing which set of parents you’re spending Thanksgiving with eight years from now. There’s a Spouse in My House to the rescue!

Most wedding guide books for men tend to be overly serious or assume that the groom is a total moron. But the typical guy is neither of those things. (Or, if he is a moron, he certainly doesn’t want to advertise that fact by reading those books.) Enter Well Groomed.

“Required Reading.”
-New York Weddings

Well Groomed cover

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