Table of Contents - Spouse
There's a Spouse in my House cover

Chapter 1
Why Did the Photographer Only Take Pictures of the Hot Bridesmaid?  Dealing With the Aftermath of the Wedding

Chapter 2
So, These Hand Towels are Merely Decorative and Never to Be Used, Right?  Adjusting to Cohabitation
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Chapter 3
Can We Just Rent a Child Actor to Spend Time With Our Parents?  The Immediate Pressure to Get Pregnant

Chapter 4
When I Said I Was Allergic to Cats, Did You Think I Was Kidding?  The Pros and Cons of a Pet

Chapter 5
Are There Carbs in Bread?  The Challenge of Staying in Shape After the Wedding

Chapter 6 
Have We Decided Where We’ll Be Having Thanksgiving in 2047?  Divvying Up the Holidays Among Your Families
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Chapter 7
Should We Hemorrhage Money on Jimmy Choos, Spend the Day at the Racetrack, or Do Both?  Compromising on Your Vices

Chapter 8
Is “Losing” the Checkbook the Same as “Balancing” It?  Combining Your Finances

Chapter 9
Can We Schedule Some Sex for a Week from Wednesday?  The Post-Wedding Love Life

Chapter 10
Wouldn’t Sleeping in the Guest Room Help Your Cough Go Away?  What Happens When One of You Gets a Cold

Chapter 11
How Come the Only Dinner Reservation We Can Get is at the Chinese Food Place?  Valentine’s Day for Married Couples

Chapter 12
A Cruise to Alaska?  In November?  Vacationing With Your In-Laws

Chapter 13
Are You Free to Have Drinks With This Friend of Mine Who I Don’t Particularly Like (And His Really Annoying Wife)?  The Surprisingly Difficult Task of Merging Your Social Schedules
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Chapter 14
Last Week, Were We Having a Debate About the Fabric Softener or the Dish Soap?  The Strange Tendency to Disagree About Past Disagreements

Chapter 15
What Are We Going to Do If There’s No TV in the Hotel Room?  Planning a Romantic Weekend Away Together

Chapter 16
What Do You Mean You Don’t Like Paintball?  The Comedy That Ensues From Finding Common Interests

Chapter 17
Now That We’re All Settled In, We Should Probably Start Looking For a New Place, Right?  Battling the Inexplicable Desire to Continually Move Homes

Chapter 18
Don’t We Have a Constitutional Right to Stare at Attractive People (Even If We’re Not Married to Them)?  What Happens When You Check Out Someone Who is Not Your Spouse

Chapter 19
Does the Company Softball Game Count as Quality Time Together?  The Eternal Struggle to Balance Your Career With Your Marriage

Chapter 20
How Long Have We Been Married?  Celebrating Your Anniversaries