Table of Contents - Well Groomed
There's a Spouse in my House cover
excerpts Test Your Groom IQ

1. How Can a Magazine Cost $12.95 and Not Have Pictures of Naked People in It? An Introduction to Bridal Magazines
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3. Why Are We Getting Married In a Barn on the Outskirts of Calgary on February 4th ? The Difficulties of Choosing a Date and Venue

5. Why Didn't I Become a Florist? The Surprising Cost of Your Wedding Vendors
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6. Shouldn't I Know At Least Some of These People? Making Your Guest List

7. Do All These Drunk People Really Need to Be on a Sugar High, Too? The Wedding Cake
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8. Is There Anyone Coming to the Wedding Who Isn't a Bridesmaid? Selecting the Bridal Party

9. Why Are You and Your Mom Acting Like Rival Street Gangs? The Complicated Relationship You Have with Your Parents During the Wedding Planning
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10. Why Don't We Just Use E-vite? Creating Your Wedding Invitations

11. Why Is Everyone Suddenly Acting Like a Moron ? Dealing With Out-of-Town Guests?

12. Um...Sweetie, Are You Okay? A Interlude While Your Bride (and You) Have a Quick Meltdown

13. Should My Finger Be Turning Blue? Selecting Your Wedding Rings
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15. So, Basically, This Dress Costs a Thousand Dollars an Hour, Right? Getting Your Outfits for the Big Day

16. Honey, Is Our Love More Like a Gentle Snowfall or a Beautiful Sunset? Creating Your Wedding Ceremony

17. Why is Vomiting a Prerequisite to Marriage? The Highs and Lows of the Bachelor Party

18. Is There Any Money Left for a Honeymoon? Planning a Much Needed Vacation

19. Who Asked This Person to Speak? The Rehearsal Dinner

20. How Come It's Raining and Does Anyone Know Where Grandma Went and Is It Normal to Feel Nauseous? The Big Day Arrives!